Paul Roe
Ph. D.   M.A. F.T.C.L.

227, Grace Park Heights, Drumcondra,
Dublin 9.
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“My aim is to help people to recognise their own great qualities and to enhance their lives”

Life is a series of changes, whether personal or professional; each with its own challenges and opportunities. Recognising and embracing those changes to emerge more fulfilled through self-reflection, improved confidence and effective action is at the heart of Paul’s coaching - helping you to develop a clear vision of your goals, achieve excellence, and empower you to find your own answers with enthusiasm and excitement.




Career & Executive


Life Planning

Maybe you’re a musician, top athlete, actor or presenter who aspires to excel at what you do.       Maybe you’re striving for a job promotion, making a career transition or managing challenges in the work place.         Maybe you’ve personal goals, whether achieving a better work/life balance, planning retirement, health or relationship concerns.

Benefits of Coaching
For individuals


Teams and organisations

Dot   Achieving professional goals   Dot   Improved team efficiency and morale
Dot   Personal growth   Dot   A defined and clear vision
Dot   Increased motivation/commitment   Dot   More effective communication
Dot   Better self-awareness.   Dot   Improved capacity to change
Dot   Improved quality of life        

Creative coaching for professionals

Paul Roe Ph.D. M.A. F.T.C.L.
227, Grace Park Heights,
Dublin 9.