I approach coaching as a compassionate, empathic and deeply respectful conversation.

Dr. Paul Roe Ph.D M.A. F.T.C.L.

My coaching practice is built on a lifetime in education. As an early school-leaver I took leaving cert at night in my early 20’s. I studied English, Philosophy and Music at college whilst combining a career as a professional musician. At age 25 I took a position with the National Symphony Orchestra for 12 years. In my mid-30’s I did a Masters in Community Music (University of Limerick) and subsequently did a PhD (University of York) where I researched collaborative practice. Now in my mid-50’s my appetite for learning and growth is undiminished.
I am extremely passionate about my work as a coach and feel honoured to support leaders in the fields of education and the arts. I am acutely aware of the challenges leaders face today in this age of complexity with increased workloads and time pressures. As someone who manages a career as a developmental coach, a lecturer and a performer I understand the practical demands and the stresses involved in producing high quality work in a range of environments.

All my work in coaching is one to one. I work with a broad range of people including leaders/directors of:

  • National educational initiatives
  • Academic institutions
  • Arts bodies
  • Orchestras

I have worked with Directors, Heads of Departments, lecturers, high achieving musicians and teachers.

Sample clients:

  • R.T.E.
  • Institutes of Technology e.g. Dublin, Dundalk
  • Royal Irish Academy of Music
  • Arts Council of Ireland
  • Music Generation
  • City & County Councils e.g. Dublin, Laois, Mayo

Dragon Tail: My background & journey

Dragon-Tail: A metaphorical tail that represents all our lived experience.

The life experiences of a coach, a teacher or a mentor matter enormously, as this history enhances and enriches what he has to offer. He literally embodies all the qualities and capacities of that lived experience. In many ways this is more important than any training or study.

A dragon tail is a metaphor for all the experiences we have had in life. It can be very useful to sense our history as it lives in us. By reminding ourselves through visualising and sensing into our own history we can draw strength and feel assured of the choices we are making and the direction we are going in.

We can literally imagine a large dragon tail extending behind us as something we can feel. This lived experience has shaped our lives and is supporting us as we move forward with curiousity and courage.

What follows below is a sample of experiences I have had in my life that have shaped me; they are my dragon tail.

  • Facilitating and empowering groups through music in many different communities including healthcare and educational settings at primary, post-primary and tertiary level.
  • Training teachers in primary music curriculum
  • Achieving a first class honours masters in Community Music
  • Leaving school at 15 and completing second level studies at night whilst working during the day and newly married
  • Undertaking a Fulbright post doctoral Scholars award for a semester in New York City
  • Continuing life studies on the path of growth and self discovery through various philosophies and practices including Gurdjieff sacred dances, daily Kata, Buddhism.
  • Being supported by an array of wonderful guides including regular sessions with an Indian Sufi mystic/ psychotherapist, a coach supervisor and the grounded wisdom of my wife.
  • Starting golf, achieving a lowest handicap of 12 and managing to escape the clutches of this pursuit!
  • Publishing academic articles on collaboration amongst others
  • Collaborating with a range of exceptional musicians to make great music
  • Recording many CDs as a soloist and chamber musician
  • Risk taking by leaving secure pensioned positions as a musician and educator to pursue further growth and learning
  • Undertaking extensive coach training in Ireland, UK and USA
  • Engaging in a broad range of arts practices including visual arts, poetry & literature.
  • Consulting on music, education & community with a range of national organisations.
  • Commissioning and performing many new works by renowned composers
  • Holding lecturing positions at DIT Conservatory of Music & Royal Irish Academy of Music
  • Giving music workshops in most counties in Ireland.
  • Lecturing at undergraduate and post graduate level.
  • Performing as a member of the National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland for 12 years.
  • Playing concerts across the globe including Italy, Spain, Poland, Canada, USA, Japan, China, Korea, UK, Hong Kong, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Macedonia, France, Holland, Germany.
  • Giving master classes and teaching in Italy, Spain, Poland, Canada, USA, Japan, China, Korea, UK.
  • Growing on spiritual path born Catholic- exploring other faiths and feeling connected to Buddhism
  • Meditating -a daily practice for 10 years
  • Taking a 10 day silent vipassana meditation retreat in Thailand
  • Developing a Tai-Chi practice over 3 years
  • Completing a PhD on Creative Collaborative working
  • Living in a deeply committed relationship with my first girlfriend- now my wife of 35 years
  • Being the Dad of three wonderful people Niamh, Jenny & Daniel
  • Loving being the Grandad of three wonderful children Saoirse, Cillain & Jacob
  • Coaching many leaders in education and the arts
  • Mentoring students from secondary to PhD level
  • Supervising educational programmes/individuals at undergraduate and postgraduate level.
  • Examining & adjudicating at all levels up to and including PhD
  • Pursuing mastery as a clarinet player for over 45 years
  • Investing hugely in my education continuously over 35 years
  • Seeker-Pathwalker: A continuing lifetime search & striving to understand the essence of life. An irresistible desire to grow and learn about a life well-lived.


Academic Qualifications

  • 2007 PhD University of York, England
  • 2000 Master of Arts (M.A.) (1st Hons) University of Limerick
  • 2000 Certificate Facilitation Studies Meitheal
  • 1984 Fellowship (F.T.C.L.) Trinity College of Music London
  • 1980 Licentiate (L.T.C.L.) Trinity College of Music London
Paul is an Accredited member of the Association for Coaching

Coaching Qualifications / Training

  • Advanced Diploma in Executive and Personal Coaching [European Mentoring and Coaching Council]
  • Co-Active Coaching CTI [London]
  • Power of Embodied Transformation [Coaches Rising]
  • Presence-Based Leadership Coaching 1: Being a Development Partner [North Carolina-U.S.A.]
  • Presence-Based Leadership Coaching 2: Evoking Self-Generation [North Carolina-U.S.A.]
  • Leadership Coaching Summit Coaches Rising
  • Mentor-Coach Training PBC- [North Carolina. U.S.A.]
  • Living in Presence Coaching Course [North Carolina-U.S.A.]
  • Presence-Based® Coaching