I work with clients to create a meaningful and empowering space to explore a broad range of interconnected issues related to work and private life.


Research a little, or a lot (as you wish) about coaching by reading the information on this site and also checking:


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‘Chemistry/Exploration Meeting’

This meeting can be face to face, by Skype or phone as best suits us both. It is typically 30 minutes.

Purpose: To briefly discuss coaching. To understand client’s request. To decide whether to work together. If Yes, decide on next steps.

Process: Explanations and understandings about coaching.

Brief exploration: What you would like to be different as a result of working with me as a coach? How might I and my approach fit your request? Two key questions to consider for us to proceed:

  • Does your request as client fit with what I have to offer?
  • Is the chemistry between us good (trusting & respectful) ?

Practical matters: Fees, timeframe, schedule…setting up the details of the coaching. About next steps.



There are various possibilities that we can discuss.

Examples include:

7 session: 6 sessions over nine months with a final session six months after the last session. Each session being 90 mins.

10 sessions: over the course of a year. Each session being 60 mins.

Some clients I have worked with long term and others have come for a group of sessions and have taken a break and come back for another group of sessions.


1st Interview: gather information, develop trust and refine the focus of our work together. An in-depth conversation about the coaching journey. Coaching Issues, Client Context and Commitment focus.

2nd A coaching conversation to co-create clear outcomes that are achievable and realistic and to create a clear commitment statement/purpose. Depending on time we begin to look at development possibilities and planning actions.

3rd and beyond consists of working towards competency and skill development.

Throughout the process we assess progress, acknowledge achievements and discuss future directions.